Both, I play by my self with three AI opponents. One can also play with others on the same network or online I think.

It has three levels of play from easy to hard. I've not played Hard as according to reviews is very muched slanted against the Human players in favor of the AI opponents. I can believe this as the Easy level is the reverse.

Example. During a trade, I can usually get any payer to sell me a property I want. Some times for under original price. Also once the Human player completes a monopoly with houses, the dice of the AI players have them land there.

On the middle level, this is not that way. And the rolls seem to be more random.

But it's fun. Good play, good animation of the tokens, especially when they lose. The battleship is the best. It goes down like the titanic. The top hat just deflates thus my previous vote or its demise.

I also play the Scrabble game. Different levels there also but still challenging. With that game I use a Scrabble Cheat site to generate possible words.

Both worth the measly price of a two or three bucks

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We are just wasting our time