I've just found something that I could post in Software. Or Hardware. Or iPhone. What to do? What to dooooooo? AHA! I'll post here. Once.

Got a MacBook or one of Apple's new keyboards? Are you like me and reduced to partial paralysis without the numeric keypad? And do you have an iPhone? Well then, I submit for your typing pleasure NumPad Remote, which you can find on the App Store for $2.99.

Install NumPad on your iPhone, and install its companion app, NumPad Connector (free on the App Store) on your Mac, and presto! Your iPhone is now a numeric keypad! You can pair via wifi, Bluetooth, USB, Vulcan Mind-meld, and Pinky Swear. Well, ok, not those last two (yet).

Seriously, if you need the added efficiency of a numeric keypad now and then, and don't want to schlepp an external around, this is a really handy little app. You can get more details here.