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A very close friend of mine works for the cdc in b.c.
She says well over 70% of all the people she sees are completed shaved.

Well my thoughts;
Its all a part of grooming - I (myself) when ever I cut the top of my head of hair every 6 to 8 weeks - I also trim way back my lower head of hair laugh - > HEY its hair and it grows <- Okay . So for hygiene reasons I keep it very short.

Back to the article;
From what I could cultivate laugh was most of the injuries were from young teens like from 12 years old to very young adults.

Keep in mind that most of the shaving injuries are from very young women. However the very young men are not far behind. <-- this group of people, do not have shaving experience they would not only listen to mom and dad and I betcha mom and mad are not teaching them how to shave. The others outside that age group are shaving for the first time and just a OOOooopps thingy.

Anyway - I really don't know how , a woman can shave herself ? ? She could shave the (bikini) regions . The lower abdomen and inner thighs - > but the Puddy itself = NO freaking way and I guess that is where the emergencies are coming from ? ? As for the males , they must be idiots to begin with.

The article also mentions the rise of a (Glamor) appearance - as opposed to a sexual experience. However ads like this don't help.


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