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Me, I like beards. laugh


Beard is a slang term describing a person who is used, knowingly or unknowingly, as a date, romantic partner (boyfriend or girlfriend), or spouse either to conceal infidelity or to conceal one's sexual orientation.
The American slang term originally referred to anyone who acted on behalf of another, in any transaction, to conceal a person's true identity.
The term can be used in heterosexual and homosexual contexts, but with increasing acceptance of gay culture, references to beards are seen in mainstream television and movies as well as other entertainment.

Well, what do know! I didn't know that. I can't help that some group of dodos take a well accepted word and morph it into some lame slang term. I guess it's one way for this group to feel superior to others in some small way.

I would imagine that some peeps have taken every word and done it this way.

But as one who wears a beard, I like beards. Anyone can take that anyway their little heart desires.

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