As I understand it, accounting rules that apply to pensions were changed about a decade or so ago. The new rules required that any entity that has a pension plan treat the full liability of all of its pension responsibilities at the same time. In other words, the rule requires that the cost of the pension be treated as if everyone to whom a pension is owed were to retire simultaneously. I think that's nonsense, frankly, and see it as another way to chip away at worker rights. I can't have a defined benefits pension because my college would have to carry the full indebtedness of the pension on its books. We have about 600 employees, so in the debit column, the college would have to make believe that all 600 employees will retire this year, and so show the cost of the pensions for all 600 employees. BS BS BS BS.

But what I don't know about accounting would fill a while encyclopedia.
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