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I will tell you what they can do. Pass a law that a person can have as many guns as he wants. But it can only hold one bullet at a time. Further legislate that this one bullet must be stored separate from the gun in a locked box . This locked box must be kept in a separate room. The two rooms must be separated from each other by a locked door.



They were most of the way there in the UK back when you could own firearms. The gun had to be locked in a safe, unloaded. The bullets had to be locked in a separate safe, both safes had different keys. Result was you could not rely on a firearm for protection as it would take too long to retrieve it and the ammunition and get it loaded. And criminals kind of ignored these restrictions. All the regulations tend to do is to defang folks wanting firearms for protection, while the folks you want following the regulations ignore them like the do the existing regulations.
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