In those days the militia was a regular citizen. They were farmers and tradesmen in times of peace, but would be drafted during times of conflict, and would be expected to provide their own weapons.

Standing military was trained, and paid for their service, they would be provided weapons and uniforms, typically the cost of which would be deducted from their pay.

There is a subtle difference between regulated militia and regular military. Our modern reserves while part time are regular trained fighting men. A militia would be your friends and neighbors taking up arms to protect their homes - think the various nation resistance fighters during WWII. Though I do think that the difference between a militia and regular military is expanding as time goes by, and nations/states rightly rely less on the militia concept because of this.
I used to think it was terrible that life was unfair. Then I thought what if life were fair and all of the terrible things that happen came because we really deserved them? Now I take comfort in the general unfairness and hostility of the universe.