Staples is pushing it at a discount with a PC purchase, so just for giggles I went to the MS website and had me a leetle chat with one of their Office doods.

If you're a SMB or larger and you need lots of collaboration among employees in and out of the workplace, and want web conferencing, cloud storage, and file sharing/editing, web and Exchange hosting all bundled, it's a decent solution. But there aren't any big improvements or new feature sets to Word, Excel, PPT, etc. In fact, if I were to subscribe, I'd still need Office 2011 on my HD as a client for those apps.

Btwn Office 2011 Home Edition, iCloud, Carbonite, Network Solutions, and GoToMeeting I've got all the same functionality, albeit, not bundled.

Meh... Nuttin' to see fer me. Just another example MS over-thinking irrelevant doodads.