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Just curious, what did you use to do that? iPartition?
No, I used Disk Utility. smile

From 10.5 onwards you can repartition easily with no hassle and I thought I could do the same on 10.4
In your OP you said; "The thing is, once I tried to use Tiger to repartition my external HDD like I used to do with Snow Leopard, it's partition table got screwed up!" It didn't screw it up, it did what you told it to do.

It wasn't Tiger. Anytime you use DU to repartition it deletes the catalog. It even warns "Partitioning this disk will delete all the data on this disk." DU has never been able to repartition with destroying everything.

I feel your pain, but just wondering why you tried anything with the external, especially since it was your only data source, maybe I missed something.

I just noticed that you partitioned it then reformatted it. Both steps make it harder to get files recovered. Without getting into the way the HD stores its catalog, I know just enough to get it but not explain it correctly, when you erase the drive and delete the catalog it still has info stored on what was there. Every time you do something destructive it gets rid of more the cookie crumb trail it has left.

I hope anything you lost can be recreated, IOW no pictures etc.