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Re Newspapers and adding other paper media -- books.

Was just reading that Barns & Noble is closing hundreds of stores. They are not going out of business, just shuffling around I guess. But one interesting note:

Print book sales nationwide dropped 22% over the past five years according to Nielsen BookScan, as ebooks and other digital devices have become more popular. Where that leaves the retail side of Barnes & Noble's business in the medium term is unclear.

Well, a little over 4% a year isn't a whole lot, but it is creeping up the percentage drops.

The handwriting on the wall existence of internet, ebooks, etc. is the future and paper is sliding into oblivion with the stone tablet and hide/cave drawings. wink

Oh, and one more thing, have you read about the new libraries being built that have NO books on the shelves-- no paper. Google it. One University in Texas that I read about.

I guess this is an okay hijack wink


Dave Bowman:
"My God.. it's full of stars, books, Macs"!