Well, people sometimes post here for little signposts in their lives so why not?

I passed the first (highest) level of the Japanese proficiency test. smile Just found out this morning. I took and passed the second level over 10 years ago, and had heard from my friends that the first level was more of a foil for nationalities that use the same Chinese characters (as does Japanese) in their languages, with problems designed to trip them up specifically - that a Westerner need not bother with it. But after more than 10 years of only piece meal studying I decided about a year ago to take the plunge. Didn't study my heart out, but studied a lot (and tried to stay away from places like here. smile Japanese, at least the written language, is one of the hardest to learn, and sometimes I wondered if it was all worth it. But I have that badge now, and the winter morning seemed a good deal brighter today.

Okay, got that off my slightly puffed up chest.
We are what we repeatedly do - Aristotle