Well, a few months back I had to sell my 2008 iMac (C2D w/ Snow Leopard) because I was moving to somewhere 3.000 miles away. No biggie, I had everything on my 3tb external HDD and I can always buy another Mac.
Which I did, I bought a Powerbook G4 1,67ghz since I was on a budget and needed a laptop.

The thing is, once I tried to use Tiger to repartition my external HDD like I used to do with Snow Leopard, it's partition table got screwed up! After some reading on the web I found out Tiger's partition scheme is different but it was too late.

So I tried some demos I've downloaded for this task and one of them asked for me to reformat the HDD. Why not, a quick reformat won't really erase anything as long as I don't rewrite it and restore it's partition, right?
Well, that app didn't restore anything and now I have a blank 3tb HDD...

Since then (almost a month now!) I've been trying anything I can get a demo of the web: Stellar, iPartition, DiskDrill, Disk Warrior, TechTool, Data Rescue, FileSalvage, Yodot, etc. None seems to do what I want, which is to restore my partition table.

I even tried Test Disk and some Windows alternatives like Partition Guru, Data Recovery HFS+ and like the others I tried on my Mac the closest I got was to recover the files, but I don't have a 3tb HDD to backup the first one - some apps did recover it raw, but I don't even know what to do with 2tb of raw data.

Anyway, what I want is to recover my HDD's partition table like it was before all of this, any suggestion?
And why is it so hard to do with HFS+? Some 10 years back I had a similar accident with my Windows desktop and could undo it in a matter of hours including the time I spent looking for answers on the web...