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When I taugh school, I regularly carried a folding knife in my pocket. Not for protection, as I was in school, and schools are actually quite safe , but because I found use for it most every day. I mention this to add that it was just as standard for me to grab it as it was to grab my wallet. One went in one pocket, the other in the other with my Kees and change.

A knife /= a gun.

A knife has many daily uses, as you point out, 99% of which don't involve killing or wounding something. I doubt ordinary citizens would find a daily use for a gun, which has but a single purpose ...

Yep thats pretty much it.

Hunting ? well for a definition - better to use traps and a knife . Today use is a long range guns with a high power scope or a machine gun -< now thats not hunting it is a sport.