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The way I understand it in areas that have certain exemptions of the sales tax, certain packaging of the same commodity is taxed where other packaging is not. Like marshmallows. Small marshmallows are not taxed as they are considered food but large marshmallows are taxed as they are considered snacks. Same with certain packages of nuts and chocolate.
Other items would be also I suppose

I hate that splitting hairs like with the marshmallows. WHO says small is food, large is snack? Seems like it doesn't matter... do you use small or large marshmallows in your hot chocolate? One is food the other is snack... what IS hot chocolate? crazy Those kinds of distinctions are crazy.

I can see taxing candy bars, ice cream bars, etc. Those are snacks. BUT what do you do with something like Trail Mix, or beef Jerky? Sometimes I eat a small candy bar for my lunch- keeps me going when I don't have time to stop. SO I'd get taxed ! But if I ate a sandwich I wouldn't ! crazy

I think I like the distinction if its hard goods like Kleenex, paper towels. etc - tax it. If it's edible, don't. One man's snack is another man's meal !! laugh
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