My point is, that many folks who carry , doing so is as comfortable as that, and as safe, since the weapon would be secured

And, no one would carry with a 30 round magazine. In fact compact is prefered. Most would carry with the standard size(15-17) mag. Not because having an extended mag is more dangerous because f the number of rounds but because of the physical size would tend to be unwieldy .

When I taugh school, I regularly carried a folding knife in my pocket. Not for protection, as I was in school, and schools are actually quite safe , but because I found use for it most every day. I mention this to add that it was just as standard for me to grab it as it was to grab my wallet. One went in one pocket, the other in the other with my Kees and change.

If we don't count our blessings
We are just wasting our time