If Reid would have gone nuclear with the filibuster reform the dems would get what they want in the Senate only.

McConnell likely threatened to turn the same reformed Senate rules on the Dems if/when they take the Senate. The seats up in the air in 2014 could shift the majority to them. He probably also threatened to let the teaparty have their way in strangling the House.

I think Reid and McConnell cut a personal deal, one that is based on personal trust ( laugh ) that goes something like this: Senate republicans will cooperate and not continue the abuse of the filibuster to bring bills to the floor for debate, and maybe even pull back on certain bills to allow them to continue for a vote . specifically on areas of immigration reform and gun control. Dems get major legislation through the Senate. McConnell leans on Boehner to isolate teaparty nuts into oblivion. This way the republicans will seem to be more willing to act bipartisan on legislation that helps them in the midterm elections, that's their only concern.

Don't like it one bit. Reid can't trust McConnell, I beleive that. But McConnell must have had some serious sh!t to unleash that made this limp compomise the better option.