One of my printers is an HP CP2025dn color laser printer a wee bit over 3 yrs old. It's connected to my wireless router via ethernet cable. Every once in a great while, the connection would be lost overnight (computer and printer sleeping), so in the morning nothing would print. However, restarting the computer would resolve the issue. Any documents in the queue from the first attempt would print as soon as the computer had fully rebooted.

About 2 weeks ago, Apple posted a software update for HP drivers. After making sure the update supported this printer, I went ahead and installed it.

Ever since then, the overnight connection loss is more frequent, and a restart doesn't help. When I open the printer queue that failed job is there and can't be deleted (error message says can't delete a deleted file). And with that document stuck in the queue, it blocks other documents from printing.

The only fix is to go to Library/Caches, delete a folder called com.hp.dmf.DataStore, and restart. Only then am I able to print. Yeesh! eek

I just downloaded and re-installed the driver update, and will see if anything changes tomorrow AM, but I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this or has any ideas.

BTW, the last driver update HP offered was for OS 10.7, and it's not even available for download any more. The only file on the HP site is a firmware update that I already installed nearly a year ago.