LSD? Yikes! wink

Speaking of Ken Kesey, the bus, Ore-gawn, LSD, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest wink . . .

My dentist is 30 miles away in Salem, Capitol of Oregon [I worked there for 22 years]. I hardly ever go over there any more though and have been retired for 14 years. Lots of things changed.

BUT, as I drove by the state hospital where they take jail bird prisoners, etc. I saw that they had torn down many buildings and built new ones! They simply restored "ONE" -- the one where they made the movie OFOTCN! I would think of the movie every time I drove by. The window where the Indian threw the drinking fountain thru the window and bars was visible from the street.

Kesey was 11 yrs old when his family moved to Springfield, Oregon down near the U of Oregon. He's a big man in Oregon Hippy Lore and pops up in stories all the time.

Memories and a hijack! Sorry Giz. . . Kesey's bus