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And the future seems to be driven by Apple's cutting orders for iPhone 5 screens, and so on.

Yes, Apple cuts screens orders because they introduced a new product, the iPad Mini, which intentionally cannibalized the iPod Touch from their product line. iPhone 5 orders were at an all-time record high last quarter.

Mac orders were down because they didn't ship the new iMacs until mid December. Wall Street wants Apple to bring new products to market and still punishes them, and this happens when Apple follows the exact same market strategy that Steve Jobs succeeded in taking incremental steps to PERFECT a product as they're doing now with iPhone, iPad and iMac lines.

Wall Street plays this bullsh!t game to ignore reality that product advancements do not always require a new form factor --- a form factor that Apple innovated (and did not steal). I feel APPL is being manipulated from outside influences on a scale that may prove to be the next huge Wall Street scandal.