Kansas has little oil and almost no tourism... so what revenue are they going to replace it with ? Sales tax ??
Or do they plan on giving state teachers and workers vouchers instead of salary ? blush

Problem is Income tax is federally deductible, sales tax is not ! And the old GOP myth lower rates, revenue increases is BOGUS... Reagan did it and only 1 quarter had higher revenues and it was slim margin- the rest had huge deficits and so the Natl Debt went from $1 Trillion to $4.5 Trillion on his watch !! Unfortunately States can't do that - have massive deficits.

I think it's a recipe for disaster - Brownback is extreme - but let them try it and we'll see who's correct. I hope that IF it fails, it's a signal to the rest of the country conservatives are full of BS !!. sick
(we see it, but many are still mystified)
David (OFI)