I think it strange that Holloywood will say on one hand that violent movies have no effect on anyone's future actions then come right around to say that movies have a profound effect in other cases.

If its a moving show, like , like "the help" or "the Mighty" or "Pay it Forward" or so many others the movie could really affect how some one lives.

Is it too hard to consider that a violent one would do the same thing?

I just watched (well partly ) the movie, "Project X", . From wiki I read that after the movie was shown there were several real life parties like the one in the movie.

So yes watching a movie could very well effect someone to commit an act , either good or bad.

By the way, I mentioned the movie , "The Mighty"

Because I've even thinking of those two boys and how they helped each other.

If we don't count our blessings
We are just wasting our time