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You seem so talented with stuff, etc., any chance you could do some do it yourself things that capture heat/electricity from the sun to keep the buildings from getting to sub zero temps? wink I mean, not to get the buildings to 68 degs but to take the chill off?


Both my fitness room and work shop are in larger, uninsulated outbuildings. I do have windows with storm windows in the rooms but that is about it. I am all electric where I am which is fine but it limits me to my heat sources unless I want to spend lots if money.

It is not all that bad to get the rooms up to 50 degrees. I have both the heaters on remotes so I can turn on the heat an hour or so before it is needed from my house. 50 degrees seems to be comfortable to either exercise or work. Today, with it being under 10 degrees, it took only about an hour to have it over 50 degrees and then I was able to turn the heat off.

I have nine zones of heat in my house that are controlled separately. It is pretty nice this time of year as I only heat the areas I need in the morning and evenings. Not too bad for an old farm house!