I believe NO gun controls currently being considered would/will stop these things from happening.
And that, Kate, is THE biggest misunderstanding of all. And you are just one of so many who are not seeing the real and future point.

You are absolutely right to say that none of the proposed measures would have stopped the tragedies of the past several years even if they had been law for, say, five years by now.

But over time, as the guns and ammo and troubled folk who fall through the cracks gradually go out of existence, these measures gain more and more traction. If every measure proposed were signed into law today, it would probably take another ten years even a generation for a the results to be evident and lasting. There will always be criminals and emotionally unbalanced people. But in time, if they have less access to extreme weapons, whether because of bans or screening or better mental health treatment or a combination of any or all, there will be fewer and fewer terrible incidents.

It ain't about results right now Kate. It's about starting a process right now. smile