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Good to hear. Will you send an email to the NRA telling them that?

Will I write a letter hoping to change the mind of NRA and their lobbying? Will it make a difference? Well Obama was going to try his best at doing away with lobbyists and discovered it was not an easy thing to do. I think my writing a letter, or even if thousands of others like me wrote also, would influence the snarky folks of NRA to mend their ways.

Just to be clear:

The NRA has its good parts and not so good parts/administrators. In its beginning [in the old wink days] I believe the intentions were 90 percent clear and good. Things have gone terribly wrong and off track.

Many of us members still believe we need/want/like an organization for the support of sane gun handling/ownership. I am one of them.

The public is getting inundated with the filth of NRA. I know I am in the minority here in believing that being a gun owner does not make one bad/supportive of killings/lower than a slug's body.

When I came home from the movie, I turned on the TV and AirForce One was on. I like Harrison Ford, so I started watching. I've seen it multiple, multiple times before. No longer than 10 min into the movie, a trusted man on AF One whips out a hand gun with silencer and shoots two others dead! This movie and many like it have played in theatres and on TV for more than 50 years, and seen by millions and millions of theatre goers. Before that time, it was Roy and Gene shooting bad guys, and Bogart and others in prison killings.

I do not think those things contribute [by large] to a person deciding to kill another.

As I write this I am watching live another college campus shooting. Just north of Houston, TX. I believe NO gun controls currently being considered would/will stop these things from happening. I am not saying I am against gun control and adopting currently considered options. I am all for them!! I am for them and support them! It just will not stop the killings.

The best way to me seems to be the mental health approach. But, mental health and treatments have always been top concerns for the people of the U.S. and my city too. We can do more. But it isn't going to change things quickly. Doesn't mean we shouldn't try.

Just know, Les, and others here, that I am with you in spirit that the killings must stop. And no, I will not be writing a letter. <-- Actually, I just did, only I wrote to use guyz wink

Love you all,