Did he see the inauguration? Where did he view it from on the mall?

He watched it on a big screen inside the viewing room on Pa Ave. The one in front of the white house.
Did you go with him or other family?

Just my mother & father went. The invitation was for my father & guest.
So was he on the street during the parade or in that viewing room?

My mother watched it from her niece's (my cousin) condo balcony. Her condo is right on Penna Ave. My father stayed inside the viewing room. Gout was acting up. My father is 93. Mom is a young 84. My niece escorted my mother to the inaugural party.

I only watched about an hour of the parade. Al Roker was a hot mess!!!!!! I didn't watch any of the inaugural going ons. Didn't turn the tv on till about 4:00 pm.