I had a 1984 Camery. I think this was the second year for camery. On one trip from Dodge to Kansas City back to Marion, ks, I stopped for gas. The odometer read exactly 480miles. I filled up with exactly 12.0 gal. Doesn't takea math major to figure that mileage.

But not a lot of power. Several times I had it in the Rockies in Colorado where on some stretches I would have to gear down to first gear. Cripes, I had bicyclists passing me.

All in all I would have wanted more power.

Now they have quite a bit. My brother has a 2012 model, I think. Loves it. Well, his wife loves it. He drives a big Ford quad cab 350 pickup with dual wheels.

If we don't count our blessings
We are just wasting our time