Both my sons drive Priuses and I drive a Honda Civic Hybrid... John gets about 50 mpg and does NOT alter his driving habits, Nathan get about 60 mpg and does (slow acceleration, coasts a lot, etc), and I get around 40 mpg and have to baby the sh-t outta mine.. Toyota is the king of hybrids right now. I wanted a Prius but my niece talked me into a Honda (rated 50**, but doesn't come close). cry

So if you really want mileage and are buying a hybrid for it, go Toyota !! grin

**Honda was later sued over this in a class action suit. BTW Honda had to replace my batteries after 35K - cost them $3,000, me nada !! But it says to me they aren't Toyota when it comes to hybrids !! Prius has been around since the early 1990s (in Japan) and introduced in USA after 2000 sometime. Long track record....

David (OFI)