Right Dave thats about it good math there.

The average power price is about 11 cents per Kw hour - I have to check again ? but Tesla rates is 1 Kw hour at 11 cents gives you 30 miles or $3.30 for every 300 miles . Still a hefty savings. For me given my driving to work and home on a full charge = I would only need to charge the Tesla once every 5th day <- oddly thats the same time span I fill gas in my car 20.00 dollars each time. So 20.00 - 3.30 = 16.70 in savings every week.

Consider to that if you have solar electric at home , then the power is free. Even better.

What more compelling to me is the Tesla lack of moving parts . More so since I recently replace the Passat starter for 750.00 cash, replace wheel bearing 1 only for 400.00 . Next month I am having the exhaust leak looked at what cost ????

When you look at the most common parts that need replacing . Starters, water pumps, radiator, alternators, exhaust systems, hoses, oils and filters, I am sure I missed few. The Tesla has none of those.

Unknown is what could break down in a all electric ? ?