I did a cost comparison and compared to a gas-hybrid at 40 mpg; you'd save about $4.60 per 100 miles at 11 / KW for charging. So a 100K miles, you'd save $4600+ [gas at $3.10 /gallon] . That's hardly enough to justify even a $52,000 price tag. and even counting the $7500 tax deduction, a $44,000 price tag. Compared to a STD car that gets 25 mpg, you'd save about $9200 / 100K miles. That's better !!

That Said, if they produce many - the cost will drop so it's a move in the right direction, but give it 2-3 more years !! (IMHO) If the out of pocket cost was $30-33 K after rebate- it'd be very competitive. Remember NO Oil changes and NO engine tuneups --- that's gotta save plenty too. (c.$1000 / 100K miles) [ 20-25 oil changes at $30 each and a $400 tuneup.]
The reason I asked about batteries is that the Prius batteries last about 8-10 years and cost $3000-4000 to replace. Like the rechargeables in your flashlight - they don't last forever ! That has to be factored in if you keep it >8 years or ~ 100K miles.

IMO- they still need some price reductions. But the car IS very impressive !!!

MrB- 12 years ago we elected Bush & in 2008 the economy got whacked... we been Bush-whacked ! laugh

David (OFI)