Joe Carson is who I was trying to think of. Thanks!

I just found a wild thread [2008] at MacCentral Cafe where we posted about who had high post counts. Also about a rumor or smart a$$ remark that Joe C. Carson was dead!! Not true. Well at that time it wasn't.

Seems he wrote an article for MacLust.com. The site is still there but no J C Carson article.

In 2000, we talked about where our nick names originated and I found JCC's name mentioned again:

Posted By: Pops
My son-in-law started calling me "Pops" when he first started sending me e-mail. The (OFI) came from a feud I was having with Joe C Carson many moons ago.
Pops (OFI)
Posted By: Drewstre
Hiya- -Man, it's been a while! Anyway, I'm sure Mr. Carson peruses these forums every now and then still, even if he doesn't post (although I'm sure the temptation is there... :^)
Good to see some old (and I mean that in the best way) familiar faces. I'd be interested in hearing 'bout that feud story... Drewstre