When he told me he bought an electric , I thought of something that looks like a Toyota Scion/Hyundai or one of those tiny egg shape thingys laugh

Check out the 17 inch touch screen - almost all the controls are touch based , plus rear and forward cameras. The car auto levels around turns , auto squats on the freeway. touch screen to go over speed bumps . Since theres no engine theres 2 trunks.

Check out the giant iPad.

One small feature I thought was cool are the door handles are completely recessed, walk up to the car it auto senses the remote in your pocket , the handles slide out and unlocks the car without you pressing the remote.

Well for 95,000 , he did buy the top of the line with all the features - he quickly pointed out to me that a top of the line Mercedes or BMW is about the same price <-- errr okay laugh

I said babe magnet for sure - he said better be , his Mustang was NOT working in that department laugh

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