The NRA has done more for gun safety then any other group.
Do you call supporting access to ARs and high-capacity magazines for the general public "gun safety"? Do you call opposing background checks and shared databases "gun safety"? Do you call rejecting an entire body common sense policies that will make it harder for the wrong people to get their hands on firearms "gun safety"? Really, Dave?

Sure, training classes for proper gun handling and storage are a good and necessary thing. But what's the NRA's historic and present POV on who has access to what kinds of guns? One word: "NO!"

Gun safety and public safety are not the same thing. And as long as the NRA leadership continues to push back on and prevent the latter, the former does next to nothing to solve the problem of 32 gun deaths a day. Should my assumption of your membership be the opposite of my assumption of Kate's?

BTW, show me examples of poisonous and totally out of bounds anti-gun rhetoric from gun control advocates. Show me ads singling out family members of Wayne LaPierre and David Keene. Show me...