I've not seen a Notra Dame game this year except the bcs bowl. I hadn't heard of Te'o until his name came up in the Heisman talk. I don't follow college football much though I do enjoy watching it. This year, KSU had a good team so I was more interested this year. Collin Cline, the KSU quarterback was mentioned in the Hesman talk also. I really didnt give him much chance.

I like good defensive players. I played defense in high school so love a good tackle.

But from what I've read, the candidates start politicking early to get their name in the for front. Though the payers play on the field is prominent , the personal situation factors into it, especially when they are comparing quarterbacks to running backs and more so to defensive backs. That something else gives an edge.

As for its importance, not very. Will it affect his draft placement? If the freaking media play it up it will. Look at all the high jinks the pros get into and have to endure through the media.

If we don't count our blessings
We are just wasting our time