I really lucked out on two newer iMacs. One was a G5 but needed a hard drive...$25!

The other is late 2006 Core 2 Duo for $125 that did not have mouse and keyboard but looked new and had the good serial number for the LCD.

I placed the Intel one in my fitness room. I have it running Lion and is a HUGE improvement over the G3 iMac. I will have it running my outdoor wireless speakers in addition to iTunes and a fitness log (which I have seven years worth of data to transfer!). I still have the QuickSilver running 24/7. I probably will be moving in an old LCD TV next:

In my barn/workshop, I placed the G5. I mainly use it for iTunes and to use the internet when needed. It is also quite an improvement over the G3...at least I can surf rather fast. I updated it to Leopard. The issue I ran into there is a lot of Apple's PPC items are no longer supported via software update (like iTunes) and I had to download them separately:

The old (literarily) but heated and drive in workshop:

I also am able to use Remote Desktop to update and control these as needed...a nice benefit when doing lots of updates at once.