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No shiit shes nuts - the last 3 big news shootings = School the theater and Gifford.
All 3 was insane white guys.

You haven't been paying attention. Coulter's "demographic problem" justifies this by White Guilt. In simple terms, it's Obama's fault.

Yes partly true - I think she is just a idiot racists - what I feel she is trying to do is to diffuse , the gun control movement and place blame on a race issue.

She is pulling a page from Fox News play book = only give just a small bit of truth and lie about everything else or totally distort it.

She is right demographically that (whites) are raked lower in gun related crimes . While Blacks and Hispanics ranked at the top 2 <-- mind you these include all crimes such a drive by shootings and drug related crimes, so demographically their statistics would be much much higher. - she does not mention that.

What she does not also mention;
Serial killers 9 out of 10 are white - mass murders by the mentally disturbed are also mostly white ( I am to lazy to check numbers) but includes hostage taking , like guy breaks up with wife then shoots family.