I saw Zero Dark Thirty after I read the Mark Owen book, No Easy Day - one of the Navy Seals that was on the team that went on the mission. The movie was so disappointing. Not because it was wrong or added Hollywood fluff, but because it left so much out.

For instance, the scene after they killed BL and the seal took the gun off the shelf in his room. In the movie, it was a split second that meant nothing. But in the book, it's significant in that BL sent many of his troops to die with guns and as human bombs, but after the chopper crashed in the compound, he had ample time to load his AK47 and defend himself. Instead, he left the gun on the shelf unloaded and refused to defend himself. It just goes to show what a coward he was.

If you haven't read the book, I highly recommend it. I got the audio book (6 CDs).
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