I will say that I have a friend in GA that hunts wild hogs and it's for meat and to control the hog population. The way he explains it is that each sow can have 2 liters of 12 or more each year. They are overpopulating the countryside where he lives and in many other parts of GA. ... to the point the state has declared them vermin and you can hunt them year around wo a permit and they don't care how they're disposed of. Reason he got into it is they were destroying his deer hunting spot. Again he does hunt for meat to stock his freezer... and I'm sure he would cry if he got a 12 pointer ! wink

I'm not defending hunting per se (I am not a hunter and never want to be) but there are some legit reasons for some hunting of certain animals. I do think it's sick if someone goes out to kill just "for fun". To go for meat or trophies is legit reason although I don't care for it... but I don't consider it "sick". The prairie dog and coyote killing above is not "hunting" to me. I got a gopher problem in my yard.. the little bastids !! mad ... anyone know how to contact Bill Murray ? laugh
David (OFI)