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Why hunt at all. These animals never hurt anyone why kill them for a sick sport.I always hated hunting all my life.You want to shoot your guns their are targets you can use at shooting ranges all you want.Shoot at them not live animals.

I've never gone hunting in my entire life. I have never owned a gun and have no intention of getting one.
I live in a county surrounded by gun-loving, fanatical hunters. Come hunting season, over half the male
Student population in schools is absent.
Some of the more important arguments of the pro-hunting fanatics are that hunting controls wildlife.
There are dozens of serious accidents caused every year by deer-car collisions.
Coyotes need to be 'controlled' because they will attack and kill farm animals. Farmers here are not allowed to use poison anymore so they shoot them.
I can see the validity of these arguments, but I'll never understand why hunting is considered a 'sport'.