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So if no one knows, then what's the deterrent effect?
If guns are not allowed, there is no deterrent effect. If concealed is allowed would just knowing that there might be resistance be a deterrent effect?

The question here is wether what's desired is a society in which order is maintained by citizens being afraid of each other, or by trusting each other ...

If the former: anarchy?
No question. It used to be the latter which were much easier times, something happened unfortunately. It's different times we live in. That's so cliché but in this case it's so true, but not for the better. It's the current climate we must learn to survive in while trying to make changes to bring trust back. If it is possible my guess is I'll never live to see much significant change but I guess we gotta try.

We've become a violent angry society. Or angry violent society, six-of-one, eh? smirk

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