Promised Land was good. Entertaining movie that kept my attention. I would not see it again or buy the DVD. Wouldn't vote it any awards either.

Zero Dark Thirty. Saw it. Have had time to think about it and am puzzled. I am nearly a pacifist. I know, I know, I enjoy owning guns and going to shoot at targets, but as a "sport."

I'd prefer to use the U.N. and peace talks over violent confrontations leading to wars, killings, occupations, etc. I am totally against water boarding.

But -- I was totally caught up in Zero Dark Thirty. The movie and story telling was excellent. Acting excellent. Sets and special effects really convincing. The first words on the screen stated something like the movie was "based" on actual events. Said nothing about being a docu-drama.

Water boarding was a big part of the movie. Somewhere in the movie I believe we hear someone, maybe "O" saying we're against such methods for getting intelligence.

I guess I personally believe the U.S. used questionable methods to obtain intelligence since 9/11. I don't know exactly when or where or how much. I wish we had not. But . . .

It is long, but since it was engrossing, I didn't fall asleep wink It cost $20M to make and so far has made under $5M. I would nominate it for a whole slug of awards, but I'd vote for Lincoln, probably.

Just read this and I didn't know it hadn't been widely released yet:

Box-office observers say Zero Dark Thirty -- about the decadelong hunt for Osama bin Laden -- could gross $23 million to $24 million for the weekend, if not more. The movie, which has been playing in a limited run since Dec. 19, earned five Oscar nominations Thursday, including one for best picture.