I am back after a long long trip to the land of OZ...what a trip, first I moved, lost internet...then started looking for a new ISP...that was a trip and a half....I use cable for tv reception, they also offer internet...great though me...but no while they supply tv to the high rise buildings they do not supply internet there...ok so there is always the only local ISP left in town...went over to their office...office hours 8-3..its 1 in the afternoon and nobody home...and the office looks like they are in the process of moving...went there three days in a row same thing..and they dont return their phone messages....ah says me ...the phone company has dsl....no problem they say we will send you everything you need to hook up via UPS....three days past the estimated delivery date I call the phone company who gives me a tracking number and suggest I call UPS... I did call UPS said they tried to deliver but the address was not right so they left me a post card with instructions...wait how did they know where to leave the post card if the address was not right....they set up a new delivery date...today...I'm on the seventh floor, looking out the window and I see the UPS truck...at another high rise building
two blocks away...in and out with my package..back in his truck and over to my building...finally got hooked up at 8ish pm....now all I have to do is to figure out how to route a phone cable so I dont trip over it in the night...sometimes I wish I was in Kansas