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So if no one knows, then what's the deterrent effect?
If guns are not allowed, there is no deterrent effect. If concealed is allowed would just knowing that there might be resistance be a deterrent effect?

The question here is wether what's desired is a society in which order is maintained by citizens being afraid of each other, or by trusting each other ...

If the former: anarchy?


The wild wild west , they wore guns exposed and they shot each other constantly - So having everyone arm will not stop crimes at all just create even more.

Concealed weapons;
Well you gotta ask yourself one question if you are a Perp (Do I feel lucky today).

Anyway it is kinda a moot point , on a one to one basses because the prep would already have the drop on you , so going for a concealed weapon would just mean a bullet to your head. However like this classroom massacre (providing) the teacher was not shot first he/she could have the time to pull out a concealed weapon ? ?