I think everyone knows what side I'm on in this debate . I'm alone, mostly on this forum.

But, if I were allowed to carry when I was teaching I would not have carried while teaching. And I taught in a town that had a large gang presence for its size. I've mentioned before, that I was very cognisant of the appropriatness of the people in our building .

But where I lived was certainly in an area that had its problems. I lived there 16 years. Had my cars broke in twice. My car tag stolen twice in separate incidents, and my radio antenna broken off once. I called 911 twice in two incidents, one when I heard gunshots fired nearby and another when I noticed the dumpster in my alley was ablaze.

Another time, I was visited bythe police at 11:00PM wanting me to vacate my house for three hours for my safety, as they had a guy holed up next door and were vacating the rest of the block while they delt with him.

Also, I taught a photo class which we met in my home a couple ties each semester. One time two of my students were on the police tactical entrance team. When they came that evening they pointed out about 8 homes in my neighborhood where they had entered.

So I lived in an interesting partf Dodge City. But in all, I to along rather well with my neighbors. Many of whom were from Mexico.i normally called it the "international" district.

Statistically, speaking, I believe our schools are safe. Even tho they get the big headlines, and politicos and so called news spouters make a living hyping them up, Violence at our schools has been going dwn.

If we don't count our blessings
We are just wasting our time