Anyway what is the line between Liberal ? ? one that educates for suicide bombing for their religion and society -vs- one that educates for the humanities ? Sorta a big mud puddle is it not? ?

It is not.

In what way does "educating" students about suicide bombing, or even about "extreme anti-american government views" even remotely come close to being confused with being "Liberal?"

In fact, being a Liberal in America is in many ways pretty much the antithesis of being anti-government. And it is *absolutely* nowhere near being pro-suicide-bombing. How on earth do you see that as being a big "mud puddle?"

IMHO, the professor you describe could easily (and in many ways, more likely) be characterized as being radically -- and I emphasize "radically"-- to the right.

Crazy is crazy, and it's on both sides of the spectrum.