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Just watched a fox news segment where they were all screaming about the liberal teachings of their children and parents should do homework with their kids and ask about what they did in school that day. If they are suspect about anything, they should talk to the school to make sure the brain-washing stops. BUT, sure as sh*t, do not tell the parents the teacher has a gun!

Everything is so upside down and wrong side out.

liberal teachings

Maybe a bigger smoking gun than the ones with a trigger ?

Coworker who has his kids in a very expensive private school - that taught extreme anti-american government views , that has even disturb the parents , constantly. <-- not the school just a certain professor.

Anyway what is the line between Liberal ? ? one that educates for suicide bombing for their religion and society -vs- one that educates for the humanities ? Sorta a big mud puddle is it not? ?