I saw that segment. The poor woman was totally out of her depth. I'm sure her heart is in the right place, but I suspect her head is somewhere dark and damp and permeated with right wing Muzak®. sick

Yeah, right, parent's don't need to know. Why? Because dollars to donuts, the majority would pull their kids out of that school in a NY minute! Guns are dangerous. They are instruments of death. Period. The sole purpose for their invention was to kill — wild game or human game. Sure, you could kill someone with a hammer. But the hammer is first and foremost a building tool. A gun is a killing tool, and probably not the smartest choice with which to drive nails.

Accidents happen. Thefts occur. Safeties fail. Magazines jam. There is no cogent or sane reason for those who shape our kids' minds to double as wannabe cops or commandos.

This whole more guns is the answer argument is like prescribing more cigarettes as a cure for lung cancer. crazy

I'll stop here, because otherwise, I could go on ad nauseum about this madness.