Okay. On my opinion for the national debt the ONLY way to actually get it started is to cut spending.
Now before everyone goes crazy, let me rest my case...hahaha.

Many people believe the answer is raising taxes. If this would be done, the government WOULD directly get more money. That is a given. BUT, the average citizen of the United States would spend a whole lot less, due to more taxes being taken out of his/her paycheck. This would directly hurt the economy; and the economy makes up a HUGE part to if our government is successful or not.

Also if the government raised taxes, more and more people would not be able to afford them resulting in not having enough money to live a normal life. In result of that the people would be in severe debt or at poverty level. Because of this, the government would have to help them and essentially a lot of the money that the government received from the tax raise would be gone.

Our government in general just loves to spend, spend, spend. Raising taxes would not do any good. Think about it, say you gave someone $20 bucks a week and at the end of the week they would go to the store and buy something that was $20 and be thrilled and dandy and happy and whatever. BUT if one week you decided to give then $50 a week, then the person would totally walk past the $20 section and head straight to the more expensive items because they can afford it. Essentially this would be the SAME EXACT thing that would happen if the government raised taxes without cutting spending.

Now you might be saying: "what is there to cut spending on?" Domestic involvement. Now I know when some people are reading this they are all probably thinking, you're absolutely crazy.

When you think about it the U.S. has definitely been one of the leading countries to give money and assistance if a country gets in a hard time. Money that we do not have. Money that we NEED for our own country and our own people that are suffering.

When Japan was hit by the earthquake, the NEXT DAY the U.S. sent money and supplies to aid the victims. When Haiti was hit, the U.S. sent them a boatload of money to repair. That's great that we are ethical and do one to others as we would like them to do to us but the countries don't do that to us!

When we were hit with Hurricane Sandy not to long ago, I don't remember hearing other countries sending a bunch of money and assistance to help the people in the NE! I mean if the countries did, please tell me because I would love to hear that they did, but from my knowledge and research it was "Peace out America, you're on your own. Good luck!"

It is now just sad that politicians can't come together now and make an effective decisions without arguing all of the time. If myself, as a sixteen year old young woman, can come up with this, then I surely hope the government can set aside their differences and work all of this out!

I would really love to hear your opinion on my thread! Good or bad! (: