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Alex... Alex... Alex...

Did anyone think that sounded just like someone talking to their inconsolable 3 year old?

Well he was sorta talking to a 3 year old laugh

I think the frustration between the two was on 2 points.

1 - Morgan points was on statistics <- however you cannot compared violent crime from a low population (England) to a much higher population like the US and then say it is directional to gun laws <- I disagree.

2 - Jones points was the 2nd amendment and that he feels the more guns the better. <- which I disagree , after all the right to bear arms intention was to (protect) your government (not) to fight against it.

Besides this day and age you can arm yourself with whatever you can buy - but to take on todays military you gatta be out of your mind. So taking this 2nd amendment (protecting myself from my own government) is shear stupidity to begin with.


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