The idea of more guns in schools even in the hands of trained professionals is fakucked. Ask anyone in the military or law enforcement that's ever been in a firefight. The unpredictability of where bullets go; the skill of the so-called "good guy" under that kind of stress; the presence of panicked bystanders who could run right into the middle of a crossfire... The potential risk of even more death or injury is magnified.

Might LaPierre's hypothesis a/b good guys with guns prove true? Columbine and Virginia Tech are just two examples that prove that reality is not in his camp.

Let a responsible adult take a young child on a supervised hunting trip. Sure. Let a responsible adult take a child to a properly managed shooting range. Of course. Allow kids to participate in professionally run gun safety events. Excellent. But allow children and guns to be in close proximity to one another in schools, churches, and other civic/public venues. Absolutely NOT!