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It's ludicrous to suggest that someone armed could have stopped any of the mass shootings. They simply happen too suddenly and too fast.
Newtown was 10 long minutes of horror that could have possibly been cut short.

The sad part is even having to consider guns in schools, which is how Aurora and Newtown totally differ.

Well , Columbine had and armed guard which resulted in a shoot out with one of the suspects which drove him into the library and he killed more students in there. From that point the (armed guard) waited for police to arrive. <- the guard was certainly no Rambo.

With that in mind - having 1 armed guard means (absolutely nothing) - a perp can simply walk around any guard (undercover) , more so if that guard is paid security .

Anyway I agree with you;
If ya gonna throw more guns in school , lets do it with more pro-cops - this arming liberal educators with guns is totally stupid. I can see them trying to talk first and shoot 2nd, which is to late.